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The obligatory resume / CV

From the judging-a-book-by-its-cover department, see my mugshots


There is blog content (listing)

A history of VisionFS

Top for Linux (2014)
I wrote the first version of top for Linux in 1991.

These are very old but somehow still popular:



Some software that is my fault that I still maintain:

My Github
Various repositories
Another Python SQLite Wrapper. This is a tight binding between Python's C API and SQLite's C API. Developed and maintained for two decades.


Some software handed off to others:

A program for manipulating contacts, calendars, wallpapers, ringtones and the embedded filesystem of 2003 to 2007 era US cell phones.
IMAP Spam Begone
A tool that scans your IMAP Inbox with SpamAssassin


JIA Mini Python (2013)
Implementation of a useful subset of Python in Java and Objective C, primarily intended for mobile apps.
Dotamatic (2004)
A program that allows you to print out images across many sheets of paper, using a variety of styles for the pixels. It was inspired by The Rasterbator (which has only one style).
UML Builder (2003)
A tool for installing common Linux distributions for use with user mode linux.
mod SKAS 3 (2002)
A kernel patch that speeds up User Mode Linux considerably ported to being a module. Use at your own risk! This is now very obsolete.

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