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All Change

Things look different here. The hand written HTML and styles were from a decade ago, and didn't really support my resume's claim of long time proficiency in the web arts. (It was of course "cobbler's children have no shoes" syndrome.)

I also originally supported Google Plus, and posted occasional content there. However over the last 6 months or so Google has made maximum efforts to make reading it as difficult as possible. I missed having somewhere to post the periodic rants and finds.

Now you can see my fix. This site is built using Nikola which ticks the boxes for simplicity, using Python, and not requiring yet more usernames and passwords, complicated servers and databases, worrying about various attacks, maintenance etc. Under the hood there is jquery and bootstrap, but ironically I write this content even further removed from the web arts than before.

There is even an rss feed which pleases me a lot compared to the Reader shutdown, and walled garden of Google Plus. Anyone can read (and respond thanks to disqus) in virtually any way that works for them.

Doing the conversion was relatively easy but somewhat tedious. Nikola let me keep existing files and do incremental conversions. My resume took a while as the structure wasn't that good. pandoc does a good first pass on other docs.

I also redid all my Google Plus posts here in this blog. Data Takeout let me get the underlying data, but it took many hours of Python coding to munge the data into a reasonably good looking and compatible format.

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