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Monoprice don't want your money



The $300 Million Button The $300 Million Button. By Jared M. Spool. Originally published: Jan 14, 2009. [While Luke Wroblewski was writing his well-received book, Web Form Design: ... (more)

I wanted a cable and monoprice seemed a good choice. Yet they seem to be afflicted by the same issues many sites are - you are not allowed to proceed unless you create yet another account with yet another set of user details and password (and yet another privacy policy, arbitrary restrictions on email addresses and passwords etc). It is more important to them than taking your money. I've also encountered this kind of thinking with some Android apps - you cannot get a feel for what they actually do until you create yet another account. This is a monumentally stupid thing to do and easy to solve technically. The following article shows the monetary difference it makes plus some stats about just how useless these accounts are to users in the first place.

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