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People and planes


Dreamliner woes: Are sweaty passengers to blame? – Is it possible that one of the key benefits of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is denser and more humid ... (more)

Interesting speculation about a potential cause/correlator with the 787 battery issues - hundreds of breathing perspiring passengers create very different environmental conditions, and especially different than during certification.

Nicotine would get everywhere and had the advantage of being visible back in the days when smoking was allowed. (See also China Airlines flight 611.)

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Aviation video

A wonderful hidef video from an Avianca pilot showing the front view out of an A320 all over South America. It also becomes clear why some people would want to be pilots.

I also quite like the music. I found this when trying to find the official video: SAIL - AWOLNATION

(Source: This was posted on a few aviation blogs some months ago.)

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Burning laptop batteries

How to extinguish a burning laptop battery by the Federal Aviation Administration. Who'da thunk that ice is an especially bad idea?

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