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Metric Won!

It turns out the metric system has completely won, but some just haven't realised it yet! If you are in the US, and need a definitive ruling on distance, weight etc then you'd think that somewhere there is the golden definition of an inch, a gallon, a pound and so on. There is. They are defined in terms of the metric system.

To quote at 8m45s in:

The most ridiculous thing about all of this? Every single one of these imperial measurements are legally defined by the metric system. America is already using the metric system, and most of the population is oblivious to is.

The imperial system wasn't even sensible. The US uses feet, but also uses surveying feet which are finally becoming one. US and UK gallons remain gratuitously different, so miles per gallons don't translate.

The final frontier are recipes randomly switching amongst volumes and weights with imperial units (quick: what is the weight difference between a fluid ounce and an ounce of water or butter?)

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The number one problem affecting the USA

I finally have a solution for the number one problem affecting the USA. That of course is the continued lack of adoption of the metric system, with a small side order of "use 24 hour clocks".

The solution is mandatory service in the military or NASA as picked by the people affected. Both organisations use metric and 24 hour clocks, so the blight of imperial units can finally be wiped out (and I no longer have to ask "which 8 o'clock did you mean?").

There are other benefits. It will help alleviate the high new- graduate unemployment rate, help more people understand the budget spending (~20% goes on military, ~0.5% on NASA), get more youth to vote since they will be affected by politics, wars, science etc and finally help with education since kids will know they need to prepare for their choice. A flawless plan!

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Countries not using the metric system: Liberia, Burma and the USA. If there is a complicated way of doing things then the USA does it that way!

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