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The 1%



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I'm now a member of the 1%. By that I mean the 1% of Android folk who are running the latest version (ICS/4.0). Doing Android development means that on my desk there are 5 devices running 1.6, 2.2, 2.3, 3.2 and 4.0.

The phone is nice with my first reaction being "holy cow that is big". It is probably only as big in my hands as regular phones are for other people not as tall as me (I'm apparently in the 1% for height too).

Google happily restored my usual apps which turned out to be a half gigabyte download with various random inclusions and omissions. Unfortunately they don't restore the position in the launcher (I like the left most screen to have games, the next one developer tools, the middle one things I use most, right one Google apps etc). Widgets aren't restored either. On my tablet the main screen has a widget "Problem loading widget". It was important enough to put on the home screen, I don't remember what it was, don't want to delete it but haven't spent the time to work out what the widget actually was.

The Android market happily shows every app I have every installed, including those I tried once and didn't like. If only it had some way that I could only show those I've used or rated or some similar way of filtering out the junk.

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