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Android app install referrer


referraltester referraltester - Android app to test analytics referral for android (more)

When an Android app gets installed via the Android Market/Play Store/Finsky it gets told who the referrer was that resulted in the install. This is very helpful for app publishers since they then know who to credit (or blame).

Unfortunately testing this as a developer is quite difficult. It would be impractical to round trip each development build through the market/store, so the next best resort is a way of simulating the behaviour.

Enter referraltester, an open source app written by giago which does that simulation. However it turned out not be accurate, and also had a few usability quirks, so I have scratched the itch and produced an enhanced version at the github link below which includes a list of all the changes and enhancements.

The developer at Google who decided to only call one broadcast receiver despite the platform default behaviour being to call of them owes me many hours of my life back.

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