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Recommended: History of podcasts

I'm a fan of podcasts and especially longer form history podcasts. I've found that "History of" podcasts that cover various empires and locations seem to be rather good. The History of Rome podcast is a very good example, with many others following that format and principles. The format allows the shows to adapt over time, include listener feedback, and do experiments which often work well.

If you can't get enough, then Hardcore History has many good episodes and stories.

And at the meta level, there is a History of *History of podcast* podcasts

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Recommended: Glympse location app

An app I have been using for several years is Glympse. It is very close to perfection.

It lets people know where you are. A common example is if you are meeting someone somewhere they can monitor your progress and estimated time of arrival. This is especially useful while driving.

Where Glympse gets things right is how smooth they make it. Unlike most other apps, absolutely no authentication, account creation, social media profiles or privacy invasion is required. That applies to both the sender and the recipients. Glympses automatically timeout (your choice of up to 4 hours, or on reaching your destination).

The Glympses themselves are a URL in the form which is sent to the recipients. Providing they can access the web, they can see details. You are tracked on a moving map, along with updated ETA, speed (if you chose to share it), traffic and track. Recipients on mobile devices can use the Glympse mobile app to track multiple people at once etc, but this is not required.

Gympses can be sent in whatever methods you have made available. For example SMS can be used on mobile, Twitter if you logged in, email etc - all at once.

The pervasive feeling throughout is an app on your side. Every potential source of friction has been removed, for both senders and recipients. You don't feel like a pawn in some ecosystem or social network war. This stuff just works, and works well. Recommended.

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Recommended: Hardcore History Podcast

I highly recommend the Hardcore History podcast. The presenter Dan Carlin is an amateur historian (ie no professional reputation to protect) thoroughly researching each subject. He then takes as much time as needed to cover various topics.

I tried to come up with a list of recommended episodes, but you really should listen to all of them - they are that good.

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Long Read: Motorbiking around Angola

This is a story I reread about once a year and recommend to everyone who will listen. In 2007 some South Africans took their motorbikes around Angola. There are lots of pictures, stories about the Angolan people, touching parts, motorbiking and just an overall wonderful read.

The first part is here. Part two is a few posts down. That part then has links to each successive part.

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How blind users use screen readers

I highly recommend this video showing how blind users use screen readers. You'll be surprised at just how fast they run, as well as ways they distinguish case.

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Reading material



Input It is valuable getting additional information, viewpoints and opinions. I read several feeds via Google Reader in order to make most efficient use of my reading time ... (more)

What sites I consume (via Google Reader/RSS) to keep up with the mobile industry. The geeks amongst you should find my last two highly amusing (and they include profanity!)

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Film recommendation: The Man from Earth



The Man from Earth (2007) The movie begins with Professor John Oldman packing his belongings onto his truck, preparing to move to a new home. (more)

If you are looking for a film to watch then I highly recommend The Man from Earth, and that you not read too much about it in advance. It has a very interesting premise and will at least make you think.

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Doctor Who

I've been catching up on Doctor Who recently. Saw "Blink" with the weeping angels yesterday which is a spectacularly good episode and shows just how well scary stuff can be done without the clich├ęs.

Also been on a KLF kick, so this remix of them and Muse fits in nicely.

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SENNA (more)

I finally watched the Senna movie/documentary, and highly recommend it. They did an excellent job, even avoiding having a narrator. It was also quite emotional as I remember exactly where I was when he died and just how much fun he was driving the red & white McLaren Hondas. Hearing James Hunt commentating, seeing Gerhard Berger and other personalities brought back so much. If only someone made a 100 hour film that focussed on the racing ...

The most memorable moment was his reaction on radio to winning the Brazilian grand prix for the first time.

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Starts with the explanation of terms that won't mean much to outsiders, but then covers other countries having the Queen on their money and lots of islands. Amusing.

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