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My opinion matters (not)

A month ago Nielsen sent me a card explaining how they would call me on my landline in order to talk about TV ratings. Since I don't have any phone plugged in, I thought that would be the last I'd hear from them.

Much to my surprise a thick envelope came in the mail today. The next surprise was seeing 5 one dollar bills inside. Since mass marketers pull stunts with fake cheques all the time I expected them to be fake too, but they are real.

There is a diary they expect me to fill out for one week. It soon becomes clear that it isn't aimed at anyone who cut the cord and watches TV on DVD and the Internet. And really drilling down it finally dawned on me that they don't actually care what TV shows you watch - they are really trying to find out which TV adverts you watch. The answer to that is none, but there is no way to communicate that to them. At least I get 5 bucks. And sadly I won't be spending that week watching Firefly and Futurama.

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My opinion matters

Photo of postcard

This arrived in the mail the other day. Finally they are going to include someone like me in extrapolating what people really watch. For a change Firefly and Futurama and did I mention Firefly will matter. The joke is on them as my "community" is far more Reddit and Hacker News than the people geographically around me.

But of course the joke is really on me and viewers of stuff I like. There is no phone on the line they will call. And I don't even have TV service, instead relying on DVDs I bought, Netflix sometimes, Hulu sometimes, links to Daily Show clips and anything I may accidentally see (on planes, hotel rooms, Youtube etc). Of course Nielsen don't measure anything remotely like this.

(It is a separate rant about how in this land of "free" competition I am forced to pay for a phone line I don't even use.)

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